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"funds will be held until a chargeback is no longer possible"

$300 Web page design contest. 8 entries. 4 designers.
GUARANTEED CONTEST. This contest has been locked.

99designs comments,

"The contest holder has declined to award a winner, despite out attempts to work with them. They have been suspended from the site and the funds will be held until a chargeback is no longer possible."

(A chargeback is when a Contest Holder disputes an item on their credit card bill and the credit card company reverses the funds - taking the money out of the vendor's merchant account. Some credit card providers allow up to six months to dispute a charge. Others, up to a year. Some, have no set time limit).

Comment posted March 5, 2009.

Despite this being a guaranteed contest, as of June 21, no winner listed.

According to the Contest Holder's profile, they have held FOURTEEN contests and only awarded TEN.




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