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"it's just a coincidence"

$700 Logo design contest. 346 entries. 118 designers.
No winner listed. No prize awarded.

Designers accuse contest holder of taking one of the submitted designs and placing it on their website

"They have changed the previous logo... the old logo is still present in the flash animation under "your lifestyle your home"...it was useful get new ideas paying only the contest fee!"

After many complaints, 99designs responds on September 10:

"We will do everything in our power to get in touch with the contest holder and convince them to come back and award [designer] the winner. As [designer] said, it's quite possible that this was the work of a middle-man and that the client has no idea what has happened. I will let you all know what happens".

99designs do not comment again, but the designer in question leaves this comment

"The response 99designs got from the Contest Holder is that he don't want to remove the logo from his site and says that its just a co-incidence that our design matches someone else designs., however it sounds like they think they are in the right and are unlikely to remove it. They have banned the contest holder, it's really unfortunate when things like this happen"


"The contest holder then says that they have their own in-house design team and their team has hand-lettered and drawn out the present logo, so that there is no mark, monogram, typeface, or other design that fully replicates what they have done, or vice-versa."

According to the contest holder profile, they never awarded a winner.


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