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"this contest holder is very obviously not playing by the rules"

$1800 Web design contest. 15 entries. 14 designers.

99designs suspended contest stating,

"As this contest holder is very obviously not playing by the rules - we are setting this contest as abandoned and the contest holder is having their 99designs membership suspended. This is a great pity for all concerned and I would like to thank all the designers. Please be assured that we are working on a fix for neglected contests to be implemented very soon."

No winner. No prize awarded


According to their profile, this contest holder held FIVE contests without awarding a prize in ANY.

$150 logo design contest (51 entries, 11 designers no winner listed)

$200 logo design contest (35 entries, 16 designers, no winner listed)

This $500 website contest (5 entries, 3 designers, canceled)

$100 T-shirt design contest (31 entries, 15 designers, canceled)

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