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Closed. Extended. Closed early. Past due.

$400 logo design contest on Crowdspring.

Closes on June 2 with 39 submissions (even though there are some site issues throughout).

On June 4, due to "site issues" Crowdspring opens the contest for another seven days.

Hi everyone, Due to site issues, we have extended this project by 7 days. We truly hope that they will be able to work closely with you to get the design they came here for. Great work so far, everyone, and thanks for participating!

On June 5, Crowdspring notifies participants

Hi everyone, At the request of the buyer this project will close early. We will give everyone another day to submit any last minute entries or upload any finla revisions. Great work so far, everyone, and thanks for participating!

Contest closes on June 5 with 46 submissions. It is difficult to know exact number. Designers are now entering multiple concepts in one image submission.

The contest is flagged as "It's past due. We're on it" on June 12.

On June 14 a 48 hour Past Due notice is sent

PROJECT UPDATE: Today, we sent the buyer 48 hours notice concerning this project. If we don't hear from the buyer by Jun 16, 2009 02:30am CDT, a panel at crowdSPRING will make a determination and award this project, per crowdSPRING's User Agreement.

As of June 23, no winner listed.


How this is supposed to work.

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