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"way past due"

$300 T-Shirt Design contest.
Contest ended April 28. 2009. 122 T-shirt designs submitted. 48 hour past due notice sent May 6.

This past due notice is brought to the attention of Crowdspring on their forum on May 23 in a post entitiled "way past due":

"I participated in the japanese restaurant t shirt design project - it has been over with for i believe 3 weeks now. maybe more? the project update from cS was on may 6th saying that the buyer had 48 hours - its been two and half weeks already! i contacted cS about this around a week ago, they said they would take care of it but nothing happened. Its a gamble to work on this as it is, where at least 25 people are working on a project and only one will get paid... but when it becomes none... why bother at all?"

On May 24, Crowdspring responds with

"We are a bit backed up at the moment. The site performance issues have caused a much larger than normal number of customer inquiries and we're working hard to get through all of them. I've asked the team to take a look at this project and get to a decision in the next few days. Apologies for the delay".

Crowdspring also adds

"When you see a "stale" project, you can help us greatly by clicking the "contact us" button and giving us a link to that project. As I've written many times in the past, our filters aren't set up very well and we're sometimes a bit slow to find these projects".

The designer who had ALREADY notified CS about the "stale" contest with a link a week prior (see comment) responds to CS on May 29

"the project that i originally posted about is still past due. its been a month and a day since the project closed, and still no sign of a winner".

Designer adds yet another comment on June 4, commenting

"still no decision has been made...i know you guys are busy trying to make the site work, but when are we creatives who participated in this project expected to see a result?"

Crowdspring responds

"I'll follow up with the team Thursday morning and will ask Jerome to provide an update in this thread"

On June 5, Crowdspring updates the forum thread, stating

"Today we are reviewing all the past due projects and they will all be awarded very shortly. Sorry for the delay, the site's performance and the load of customer request associated took time away from us to address this issue. Thanks a million for your great patience".

On June 10, a comment is posted to the contest activity area

"Is this project still being decided? Been awhile... "

On June 13, the designer who originally started the forum thread on May 23 once again leaves a comment

"even more past due! heres a link to the project".

Two comments are posted on the forum on June 18. One of from the participant who started the thread

"its uh. still past due. please resolve it."

Another designer chimes in:

"Talk about way past due, it's the end of June!!!!! Ended at the end of April. Shame shame shame!"

Crowdspring once again promises to look into the issue

"I spoke with Jerome this morning and he's personally reviewing all stale projects today and will update this thread later."

On June 18, a long response from Crowdspring is posted on the forum

"First, I want to personally apologize for the frustration we've caused concerning all the past due projects. I've just finished reviewing all the past due projects today and contacted directly (again....) all the buyers that haven't honored our user agreement. I have a list that is up to date and we are already reviewing projects ourselves and choosing the awards per our user agreement. Within the next 24 hours, the majority of the past due projects will be awarded (or refunded for the ones that have less than 25 entries). On the remaining ones, you will have comments with all the information that we've received from the buyers (or not) and they will follow our procedure in order for them to get awarded (or not if a legitimate refund is asked for)"

This comment was also added to the activity tab by Crowdspring on June 18

"Today we sent an email to the buyer so this project gets awarded to one of you. Thanks for your patience and understanding".

As all contest payments are ESCROWED and according to Crowdspring's 'User Agreement" & Terms of Service, a winner should have been selected by a "Panel of 3 Crowdspring employees" on/about May 9.

As of June 21, no winner has been selected and as of June 21, the contest is still listed as "It's past due. We're on it."

UPDATE: Project was listed as being "awarded by Crowdspring" on June 26.


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