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"the award is too low for the amount of work that is required"

$300 package design contest (set of 5 labels).
64 design submissions before contest is withdrawn.

Contest was supposed to close April 8. On April 2, Crowdspring comments

"This project is now temporarily hidden. We are contacting the buyer."

At that point, there were 50 design submissions. Submissions continue to be entered.

Buyer posted comment on April 4 stating

"I guess somebody not even participating was complaining that $300 is not enough for 5 coffee label designs. Not sure why they'd complain since no one is forcing them to participate."

(Not being forced to participate is a common Crowdspring theme.)

On April 6, Crowdspring posts this comment

"We've decided to withdraw this project as the award is too low for the amount of work that is required. We believe that our community of creatives shouldn't participate in such projects. We hope you will understand our decision to protect your interests".

At the time, there were 64 submissions already uploaded to the Crowdspring server. No winner selected.


View the submissions in the gallery here


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