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"They make a fake account and sumit a design in their own contest so they don't have to pay! haha."

Logo design contest. 65 entries.
Contest ended March 4.

Buyer selects winner on March 10, selecting a design that was uploaded on final day, by a designer who had registered that day, and for whom, this was the first and only submission to CS (and still is).

Complaints begin immediately, with the comment "how odd" and

"Don't you hate when CH's do this? They make a fake account and submit a design in their own contest just so they don't have to pay! haha."

Thread also features this comment

"wouldn't be surprised if Crowdspring was creating a new account and prompting us for our work, while picking their own entries. How many people have actually ever won a project? If I find out Crowdspring's been pulling my designs, they will be sorry. Very sorry." and "i certainly would not be shocked if cs was some sort of ponzi scheme where they end up paying themselves every once in awhile. without full transparency the spector of impropriety is growing, the quality of work is weakening and the profession as a proper practice will survive this pimple on it's ass that is cs"

Crowdspring steps in and chastizes everyone

"The discussion here is completely inappropriate - we are serious about our rules - we have permanently removed the accounts of creatives AND buyers who abuse those rules. The comments in the Activity tab are meant to facilitate communication and work in this project - the comments here have abused that policy"

A few minutes later, Crowdspring 'freezes' the contest, and comments

"We are investigating unusual activity in this project and have temporarily frozen the ability for the buyer and winning creative to complete wrap-up. We are writing both parties to inquire and will update everyone when we have more information to share"

Complaints continue with one stating

"Don't ever call questioning failure unproffesional again. I'm sick of it. That is crowdspring's answer to everything", "I will surely lead people away from this site. It is a waste of time" and "You could be Ross or some other user winning projects that you post yourselves. You say a buyer can do it--then that means that a user who functioned the site DEFINATELY could. They, crowdspring, could simply be using projects to steal concepts, and then retaining their own award".

Other participants chime in, revealing that the winning entry is identical to a product logo (with the same name) already in circulation and comments

"crowdspring: complicit and complacent...once again".

On March 24, Crowdspring chastizes designers again about inappropriate comments.

On March 24, Crowdspring "unawards" the contest and tells particpants they are

"ready for the buyer to award a new entry"

On March 26, a new winner is selected


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