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"Will there be a decision on this anytime soon?"

Web design 'project' with 25 entries. Contest ended April 24.

48 hour past due notice sent May 2.

PROJECT UPDATE: Today, we sent the buyer 48 hours notice concerning this project. If we don't hear from the buyer by May 04, 2009 02:30am CDT, a panel at crowdSPRING will make a determination and award this project, per crowdSPRING's User Agreement

On May 14 CS posted another notice

"have not forgotten. We are in contact with the Buyer and will update everyone soon."

No winner selected as of May 25.

On June 4, a comment is posted asking

"Will there be a decision on this anytime soon?

"Another comment is posted on June 18

"It's long past due and nobody is going to do anything about it. Walk away folks. Just walk away."

On June 18, a comment was added to the activity tab by Crowdspring

"Today we sent an email to the buyer so this project gets awarded to one of you. Thanks for your patience and understanding"

Update: Contest was refunded on June 22:

Unfortunately, this project didn't receive the minimum 25 entries and so we need to make good on our guarantee and give the buyer their money back (including our own fee, for the record).

How this is supposed to work.


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