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"Images were found online in the Google images. They may be subject to copyright? Not sure."

$300 print contest. Ended May 11.

48 hour past due sent May 19.

PROJECT UPDATE: Today, we sent the buyer 48 hours notice concerning this project. If we don't hear from the buyer by May 21, 2009 02:30am CDT, a panel at crowdSPRING will make a determination and award this project, per crowdSPRING's User Agreement.

On May 31, buyer asks a designer

"where did you get artwork for [project name] ?"

Designer replies

"The images on the [project name] headers were found online in the Google Images. They may be subject to copyright? not sure. The [project name] image was a free image on a stock photo site. In order to protect my work, I will reveal the fonts if the job is awarded to me".

Winner listed on June 18.



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