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"Today, we sent the buyer 48 hours notice concerning this project"

Logo design contest ended March 7 with 78 entries.

Buyer tells one designer that they wanted to pick their design but it had been withdrawn

"How can we pick it you withdraw from it?".

Despite having entered 17 designs into this contest, all the designer's entries had been withdrawn, the designer's account deleted and the profile now shows as

"Sorry pal, that username no longer exists".

No other winner selected.

48 hour past due notice sent March 16

PROJECT UPDATE: Today, we sent the buyer 48 hours notice concerning this project. If we don't hear from the buyer by Mar 18, 2009 02:30am CDT, a panel at crowdSPRING will make a determination and award this project, per crowdSPRING's User Agreement.

Buyer asked another designer to send versions to a gmail account.

Last comment on March 30 from a participant asking

"what happened now?"

Award not listed until June 18, over three months after 48 hour past due warning notice posted.

How this is supposed to work.


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