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"It would be nice to design & know a winner would be selected"
Guaranteed contest. No winner selected.

May, 09 Logo Design contest. $100.00 105 entries submitted. Listed as a "Pre-paid" Contest.
Contest Status: Submission period over, winner not yet selected.

According to the Prize Amount description:

(This contest has been prepaid in full and a winner is guaranteed)

Designer suggests that Contest Holder "Pre-Pay" the contest, making it a "guaranteed" payout:

"Can you prepay the contest, because, when we are designing in so many sizes and format, it would be nice to design when we know that a winner would be selected."

Contest Holder agress to the suggestion:

"I can prepay --- how do i do this?"

Last comment from Contest Holder on May 30:


Designer comments on the increase of submissions due to the contest now being guaranteed:

"Thanks, Do you see the difference? Many are actually designing now... :)"

Another designer comments:

"yes, i mostly enter only prepaid contests."

On June 28, designer comments:

"What's happening with this contest? Have you chosen a winner?"

On July 5, another comment asks


No further comment from Contest Holder. To date, no winner selected.

No comment from elogocontest administration.

According to elogocontest's Contest Holder Guidelines

Consider prepaying your contest prize

When you prepay the prize for your contest, you are paying the prize money upfront with no option for a refund, which means that we can tell the designers that there is a guaranteed prize for the contest, and that a winner will definitely be selected. This can lead to a huge increase in the number of designs submitted to a contest and the quality of the designs. This option will be made available to you once you have started your contest.


Here's how this is supposed to work.

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